Woke up this morning to a great sunny mild day. Perfect chance to tackle clearing out the winter bedding from the goat house. Over this past fall and winter I watched the hay and wood chips build up … and up … and UP! It kept it warm in there and dry – and even smelled great. Until … the glacier finally began to melt underneath it all.

This is what I shovelled out the BACK door! About half as much went out the front. One of those days I am soooooooo glad we have a tractor! I lost count of my tractor trips after twelve … and went quite a few more. But it is DONE!

While I worked away the goats had a great time playing on the hillside. The back door winter layers had included that large piece of cardboard. Turned out it made a great slide! Ha!

Oh my … SUCH a great feeling to have that floor cleared out and smelling great with a thin layer of fresh bedding. The winter vinyl is all down from the south wall and the fresh air was blowing in that side and through the back door.

I had blocked off the back paddock all day to give me lots of elbow room for the clean up. I didn’t want the jennies to start munching on that old alfalfa …

They were glad to get back into that space come dinner time. Hello spring! I’m almost ready! (Need to clean the barns of the winter dust and cobwebs so I can put up the fans before the bugs swarm in. And … I’m thinking that one of these days the glacier in the chicken garden – which gets lots of shade – is going to melt!)

Crawling off to my couch for the evening! 😉

2 comments on “AND… GO!”

  1. Phew, well done! I have been meaning to ask. …. Do you still have the painting of Paco and the 3 Jennie’s that used to be on your gate? Laura

    1. I do! It is still so lovely and bright. I love that every day I go by his caricature there… I also have a painting of him in my stairway that leads to my basement change room. The rooster painting in the back paddock is done by the same local artist. I bought it in the Silent Auction at last summer’s fair. This idea of barnyard art is to my liking!

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