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Welcome ‘Oz’

Before I introduce you I want to say thank you to Rufus whose friendship taught us again that love comes in many shapes and sizes. We were terribly sad to say goodbye to him last week. His love paved the way for another family member to come on board … as a buddy for us and for Teddy.

Did you know that you cannot walk into a pet store in our area and buy a cat? They may have cats and kittens in the store – just not to be purchased on the spot. We were caught a little off guard. We haven’t gone looking for a cat for over ten years. Times have changed. I think for the better! You can adopt a cat after applying to one of the agencies that look after stray cats, feral cats, or abandoned cats. The cats in our local pet stores are wards of these groups. We met some great people from the Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative. They had this little guy in their care. He was born into a feral cat colony in the Napanee area. Kim and Dale came out to our place to meet us and to be certain that our home would be a safe and caring place for him. How great is that? This afternoon we went down to the city to meet up with them and to bring him home. His foster family sent his bed with him and a delightful gift bag of goodies – some to eat and many to play with. He is not at all shy and has spent the day racing from one room to another – playing with toys – being captivated by birds outside the windows – and hanging around his new big brother Teddy. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Meanwhile, the outside critters spent much of the day in the woods. I think they discovered that there is much less ice up there. It was a beautiful sunny day with next to no wind. I love looking out the windows to see them snoozing on the hillside. When I was out doing chores Darby and Bella were playing a great game of ‘Made You Look!’ They get me every time.

It was good to enjoy this weather. There is an ice storm wreaking havoc across the American midwest that is heading our way tomorrow night and Tuesday. I have never seen our paddocks look so much like skating rinks! I’m hoping we get enough sunshine tomorrow before the storm to first melt some ice away. Here’s hoping!