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There is more than one kind of gold!

I had the most amazing morning! I got to spend time at George and Darlene Conboy’s farm. They are in the thick of producing maple syrup. Being one of this area’s largest operations it was quite something to see. Just as I was leaving the first of the day’s syrup was coming into the bottling room. I had a MOST DELICIOUS taste of this year’s gold. Yum! I’m creating a video for this summer’s fair to celebrate 125 years of farming history in our area. (Farming history goes a LOT farther back than that … but this will be the 125th fair season.) Part of that involves interviewing and filming on location at the many small farms in our neck of the woods. I’m learning lots and meeting great people.

We’re also making slow but steady progress on the Guinea run. The roof is done. It is a fairly large structure. The area of the roof section is about 250 square feet! We are keen to get back to working on the walls when it gets a little warmer again. The gauge of wire we are using is like using sheet metal … it is not very cooperative at low temperatures. Both of us found we were tossing and turning last night as we were picturing the finished coop and the jobs we needed to do. Kyla and Lexi are coming for a visit this weekend and we had hoped the Guineas would be ready to explore their new digs. But not yet …

We had a great visit with Ede’s brother Sam and his wife Melanie this afternoon. There are ALWAYS good laughs when those two drop by! Plus a great excuse for ‘high tea treats’. 😉 Hope you are staying warm in your cozy home. It seems the best plan is to stay out of those winds! Phew!