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June … the month that keeps on giving!

Back in the day when I was still teaching June was a month of sticky desk tops and droopy kids and teachers suffering through the heat and humidity. This year June is being kind and gentle with us all!

Spring flowers are lasting and lasting and lasting …

… and summer flowers are catching up!

I even had the chance to install the ‘chicken garden’ this past week! I found an amazing HUGE pot of morning glories well into their bloom cycle. Usually we plant tiny starters that work hard to grow enough to bloom a week or two before the first frost! Hopefully there is enough sun in the chicken garden to keep them happy. I also planted some sweet peas, nasturtium and a pot of herbs and tomatoes. I was going to put the pot of strawberries back there … but made the mistake of tasting one that was ripe. Sorry chickens … those babies are growing on the front porch so we can pop them into our mouths when they are ripe. Yum!

The chicken garden – even without the strawberries – is looking mighty fine. Lots of room to hang out. In another week or so we will be getting two more hens from our local feed store. They will be ‘layers’ – meaning they’ll be about a year old. I hate seeing those hens arrive at that store … I usually try to avoid being there then … They are all packed so tightly into crates. However my search for two hens to add to our flock has been fruitless and fraught with poor decisions like bringing home two ducks for an hour or so one Friday afternoon! Ha! We’ll be separating the new girls from our three until I can see that they are lice and mite free and healthy. I’ll be setting up the jennys’ condo for the new girls likely for a couple of weeks. Then I’ll introduce them to the current group by having them spend some time in the large dog crate in the middle of the chicken garden. Not looking forward to the integration part … usually takes quite a while and involves a lot of pecking and fighting. Pays off in the end – just takes a lot of patience.

Darby’s adventures in ‘mothering’ continue. She will move herself to be where she can see the goats need a leg up! She has also taken an interest in the chickens and spends a good chunk of time standing at the chicken garden gate – watching – and watching some more.

What’s not to love with these little ones?

Shedding season has these two seeking each other out more frequently for back scratches. I caught this one when I was trying to back the tractor out…

It certainly seems we have been working hard these last few weeks. There are always fix up jobs to be done when spring arrives, and building ideas when summer seems to be here. We keep laughing and assuring each other that tomorrow will be a rest day. Ha!

Goodnight from the very few last days of spring – summer arrives this weekend!