Day: April 12, 2019

Jeepers Peepers!

Totally amazing spring day! Found our first crocus blooming in the front yard … heard the peepers in the back field (spring frogs) and got to settle down on my bench in the chicken ‘garden’ for a good loooooonnngg visit with those three. Who knew you could end up being ‘buddies’ with chickens? AND it was our first two egg day since Lily started her moult a few weeks back. I had noticed that both she and Sophie found their way back into their garden run after having wandered the front yard with me for a while. I figured it was likely they both were headed to the nesting boxes. I’m notorious for gathering two eggs but only managing to get one to the house safely. I’ve squished them in my coat pocket – leaning on a doorway. I’ve crushed them in my mitt – forgetting they were there. I’ve dropped them, seen them roll off my bench downstairs, left them in the feed barn – where they froze… So I was especially pleased to have these two in my hand. Edie is away for a few days so I texted her a picture of the two … another sign of spring! Hmmmm …

Then I lost the grip on my phone (camera) and it bonked the egg … Guess I have another way to break an egg to add to my list! Egads!!! 😉

When I came back out later in the afternoon I could see the goats laying up on their flat rock beside the fence line. That usually means the donkeys are there too. As I came up over the crest of the hillside … yep … there they were. Rosie was cozied up to them both. Had to laugh at the look she gave me when Dottie put her head through the fence.

She is totally saying, “She could get stuck there … you know that … right?” Off I went to get my zip ties to resecure that section of chicken wire.

Meanwhile, Darby and Bella were totally zoned out in the sunshine just a little further back into the woods.

Great day around here! Hope yours was a banner day too!