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Just Chillin’

It was a great day to meander in the woods and check out the remaining leaves. This time of year I figure they are soon destined to hit the ground. Instead I lead the jennies and the goats to their favourite fall munching grounds.

They do love it when I pull a branch within reach. However … if I don’t …

Darby AND MayMay are experts at reaching WAY WAY UP themselves!

May seems to be doing okay with her ‘tiara’. I read that in very hot climates having gorilla tape on her horns could be problematic. Goats use their horns to help to regulate body temperatures. (Guess that is why Dottie tends to be the first one to be panting on really hot days.)

Years ago we planted some trees in the front paddock. Not many survived that planting attempt. It was too swampy at that time. This ash tree DID survive and this summer it has provided Bella with a respite from the hot sun when her sisters are keen on soaking it up on the knoll.

It was the first day of school in our area. Sure was quiet! And it really did feel like fall has a foothold. As a retired teacher I have to admit that I never get tired of the feeling of NOT being swept up by the back to school adventure. Still feel like I am playing hooky! 😉

We have had to stop feeding sunflower seeds to the birds this week. The grackles and blackbirds are sweeping in in LARGE flocks. When they clear off the feeders they then spend the day finding every way possible to get inside the chicken house to eat any food they can find there. We’ve also seen a steady flock of pigeons visiting all summer. There seem to be more … and more … and more again each day.

I sat in the chicken house this afternoon after finishing what I ‘thought’ was a complete sealing of the entire perimeter. I was patting myself on the back about managing to make it secure. Too soon! Too soon… When I came back about an hour later one grackle had found its way in … ?! Will have to watch again tomorrow.

There is one pigeon that has decided to toss its lot in with mine. Over the past two days it has been sleeping in the trees beside the paddock or curled up in the straw piles on the ground. When I am out there cleaning up it follows me around. And yes … I did feel sorry for it and brought it out a handful of chicken scratch. The only way it would stay to eat it was if I stood there too? If I walked away – it followed me. If I walked back to the feed – it ate it. Repeat … quite a few times! Finally I took out my old milk carton and just sat there while he had a good meal. Ha! Is there going to be a pigeon added to the mix? 😉

Smokey watching a video about chicken farming. 😉