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What a difference a day makes!

If you knew how many MORE pictures I took you’d be impressed at my self discipline in only posting … twenty three of them. 😉 Talk about resilience … the daffodils stood back up today. Tossing off yesterday’s snow like the spring pros that they are. The trilliums are ready to burst – I’m betting tomorrow afternoon I’ll find some of their first blooms. The first dog toothed violet bloomed today AND I found the teeniest tiniest little violet blooming in the grass on the hillside. The bloom was the size of my little fingernail! The donkeys enjoyed the breeze and the sunshine. The temperatures are still cool enough that there are only the occasional blackflies flitting around. Bella is the early target but she is very cooperative in letting me coat her ears inside and out with bug cream. Darby is pretty patient about that as well. Rosie … well … I practically have to ride Rosie to get her to let me get near her ears with the stuff. She is not one for ‘smelly’ ointments. And Paco – well – I’ve resigned myself to his bravado regarding bug bites. Hope Spring made her presence known in your neck of the woods too!