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What a Month!

We made it! We overcame a wild continent-wide snowstorm – COVID – RSV – FLU BUGS – and aging – to enjoy a Christmas all together!! It … was … FANTASTIC! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at the Meadow.

Decorations – check!

Furniture shifted around to make seating for twenty – check!

Master Photographer – who happens to also be our master keyboard player – on the job. Thank you Mr. Ricky!

And here we are. The house seems very quiet tonight – but Ede and I both have smiles on our faces – and I think I’ll be smiling in my sleep for weeks and weeks and weeks. This pandemic era has certainly brought its challenges – and the weather threw us a real curve ball with a whopper of a storm Christmas Eve Eve right through Christmas Day. Having all the kids together was all the more sweeter because we’ve all learned that it isn’t to be taken for granted. Oh my goodness – we love this family. And these middle-aged kids will always be our littles. Even though there is a new roster of little-ers to enjoy.

We had all the kids – all the grandkids – all the grandparents – and all the love RIGHT HERE!

We started every day outside doing the chores. Here is a magical combination. Rosie is a big fan of the littles. She and Bennie have a great bond forming. Loved seeing Rosie looking for the kids – ears forward – ready for tiny hugs. Bennie calls her RoRo.

Kai and Lexi were out first thing – despite the rain – to meet Jill and Joker.

They did a great job of teaching Gus how to help out too.

A week of making memories. We had a carol sing, feasted on holiday meals and treats, visited, chatted, laughed, stayed up late, shared hugs, enjoyed the antics of the wee ones – and their toys too! 😉

You all know from my many, MANY blog posts that I love our little hobby farm. The flerd gets me up every day – and keeps me going. It becomes downright magical when you get to see it through the eyes of a two-year old. Or though the big heart of a teenager – or … through the eyes of a mom or dad playing in the snow with their kids.

We are feeling very blessed. Happy New Year!

Love from the Meadow