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First Official Day of Winter

First full day of this winter – the chickens decided the Goat Room is their ideal sun spot. They were cooing and chirping at each other – and soon settled down deep into the hay to snooze. Between this spot and the straw shelter they sure have their pick of the best sunning spaces.

While Paddy and his girls take over the Goat House the ‘Newbie Flock’ gets to relax in the Clubhouse. This is Charlie – strutting his own beauty. He is such a gentle rooster – for the time being…

Yesterday I found the time to put the chains on the tractor. I was already sliding backwards when heading up over the hill in the woods. This time I found an online tip that was a real ‘hand saver’! I tied the beginning of the chains onto the tires through the holes in their rims. Not only did that hold them in place while I drove forward to wind them on … it also gave me the idea to tie a few more sections to keep them on. They tend to slide sideways and then off. I spent a LOT of time last winter putting them back on … until one day I decided to use some bungee cords to try to tighten them up. I’m thinking the ties through the rims will top that idea.

While Paddy’s flock took over the Goat House … the goats … reclaimed the back room of the Jennies’ barn. Can you read Rosie’s body language? Or more to the point – ‘ear language’!

You’d think it was these two she was staring down … but no.

Seems ‘four’ is a crowd in Rosie’s books.

Don’t worry. Shortly after this it was time for the chickens to find their own roost – the goats their own room – and Bella reclaimed her rightful place too.

Tonight the temperatures are going WAY down. It is the first night that the goats will face a risk of frostbite. Their little ‘airplane’ ears need supplemental heat. So tonight they are tucked in cozy with their room’s door closed and a heat lamp hung securely high up on the roof beams. It is just needed to keep their space above -15’C. Everyone else is fine on their own at this temperature. I will be thinking of them when I roll over warm in my bed. Hope they’ll be toasty too!