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Glorious Sunshiny Day!

The wind is gone and the sun is working its magic. Saturday’s predicted high is 14’C. I am looking forward to that! Meanwhile we continue to soak up the warmth where we can. Teddy was posing picture perfect when his little buddy came along to get in on the action. A kitten photo bomb.
It was a laid back start in the paddock too. See that wood chip covered pathway – undulating and rolling between the animal shelters? That is about six inches of solid ice under those wood chips. I am very curious to see how long the ice is going to last this spring. I put down a lot of wood chips to keep us from slipping this winter. Seems now it might work like an old fashioned ice box for quite a while yet!

The ‘glacier’ is even thicker in the chicken garden. (Aka the chicken run.) Can you see that bench against the barn wall? It is currently buried almost right up to the seat! Again, the ice is well insulated with a few layers of straw and wood chips. I’m thinking this one will last into June … I should organize one of those ‘guess the dates’ raffles! 😉

I have been working with some new photo editing software these past few weeks. I’m subscribing to the Adobe Photographer Package. For about $10 American each month I get the most up to date Lightroom and Photoshop software to use on all of my machines. That has inspired me to take more photos – which means I like to see more photos – which popped me back into the blogosphere. Much nicer to load up my blog posts with critter shots galore than to fill my Facebook feed with an over abundance of the same. At least if you are here you expect me to natter on about how much I enjoy them and how much I love to chronicle the nature around my home.
I’ve also been devoting lots of time these last two years to visual arts work. Not as any kind of professional or even amateur out to sell things. For me it is much more a way to relax and a very satisfying set of skills to slowly but surely improve. My ‘Zen’ practice. I began with pencil crayons, pastels, paints and inks in sketchbooks and on the odd canvas. But was drawn back to the digital tools that could provide any colour and any media in a click. Finding iPad apps like iColorama and Procreate was exciting. Whole new ways of creating popped up. And learning the advanced photo editing through Lightroom and Photoshop … ditto. I am never at a loss for something to do! In fact I always have soooooooo many questions and ideas that I need to find time to explore! And patience to master! I’ve begun to use my Instagram feed as a place to file my favourite pieces. (I’ve used a widget to share those with you – over there on the right hand side of my blog site.)
I think if I could communicate with my younger self the joy I am getting from my retirement years I’d encourage her to keep her head up – plow ahead – you are saving for a wonderful experience!

Life was looking mighty fine down at Tryon’s farm at mid-day. The herd there was enjoying the sunshine as well. The little lambs were out with their mamma’s – soaking up the warmth. A number of them have cute little two coloured faces. I spent some time with Hanny and Jenny, their two donkeys. I try to remember to carry a few peanuts in their shells hidden in my pocket for them.

My little buddy, Chatty, was outside too. She is nursing a sore back leg. I was glad to find her curled up on a dry warm bed of straw. When I called out I could hear her answer in the paddock – tucked in behind the bigger goats and out of the wind. That picture of me holding her was last spring. I swear she can smile!

Hopefully you are too! Find a sunny spot and make like a farm animal. 😉