Day: April 28, 2019

Downright Perky

She’s full of spunk today – playful – cocky – even a little bit devilish. Good to see her feeling so much better. I’m continuing with the bute for a few more days. Then we’ll see how she does without it. Today when she was curled into the sand on the knoll … so were the others.

It was a beautiful day. Lots of time to soak in the sunshine. We took some time to clear brush away from the fence line … because … THE FENCE ROLLS ARE COMING TOMORROW! Yes!

Sure … Darby and Rosie were excited too. Ha! These are the faces that haunt the feed barn door when ever I open it. They are not the least bit shy about putting in their orders – a peanut please! No! A hay cube … šŸ˜‰

Tomorrow … more sunshine … and some special company! ‘Nite all!