I first met Jill in the spring of 2014 – nine years ago next month (April 2023). You can read the story about that fateful meeting here.

She was one of a herd of five donkeys. They lived at Black River Farm with Elsie and Al Lafreniere. We became good friends and shared tips and visits back and forth to each others farms. A few years ago Elsie and Al needed to find a new home for their fur babies. For a while Jill and her friends Joker, Gracie and Sandy lived at the Roseneath Donkey Sanctuary.

When we lost our Bella I called Elsie. The two of us had been considering how we could bring Joker here. Within a few days the Roseneath staff – and Elsie and Al – arrived with Joker AND Jill. We’ve never looked back.

Jill is such a gentle thing. We are estimating her age at 20 this year. Her birthdate is not known as she was a rescue. I’m going to celebrate her birthday with her buddy, Joker, in August. (Means we are thinking she might have been born in 2003). Her big brown eyes look right into yours and speak volumes. She is a little shy of new people here in her first six months. Hard to believe it has been six months already! (March 2023)

She is thriving. She loves the cozy barn to sleep in at night. She is playful – often running and kicking her heels up. She loves ear cuddles and butt scratches. And long brushing sessions in the sunshine.

It was fun watching her first reaction to the chickens and the ducks that share the paddocks and the woods with her.

She and Joker and Rosie make a great pace. I cannot imagine a day without Jill hugs. xoxoxo