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Girls’ Night

After school we popped down to Ass Back Wood Acres. I’ve missed being able to visit with Kevin and the girls!! We took our gear (boots, rain pants, rain coats) so we could wallow in the mud with the herd. Kevin let us know that yesterday the whole group got out of their back field and were in the next one over. Somehow he managed to get them all home. As usual the sound of Kevin’s cart drew the girls from every corner.

Bella is one furry critter these days! She is now being called ‘Rollo’. Can you see why? She is only four months old and has grown a LOT. I love her ‘bangs’. The young ones get those in the cooler months. She still sticks very close to her mother (dark donkey ahead to her left) Hannah.

This is ‘Elizabeth’. We’re pretty sure she will be coming to live with us next summer! She is about a year and a half old and is very social. I think she is quite beautiful!

She is still young enough to have bangs as well. She’ll not get a lot taller – maybe a little more solid.

The one who has tucked her head into my chest is Ziggy. She is also coming to The Meadow next July! We’ve decided on the two girls. I’m not sure if we’ll rename them … maybe ‘Ziggy’ and ‘Elizabeth’ will be their formal names and they’ll get nicknames. Last night we were pondering ‘Sam’ and ‘Ella’… NOT! 😉 We’ll have to see what grows on us all. I sure do get excited when I think about the eight months and two weeks left to go (but who is counting! – HA!) before they come to join us here. It was easy to picture them out the kitchen window at dinner time tonight.

While we were out with the herd one of the Gallagher’s dogs came down to see what was up. Donkeys are very protective – and are NOT fans of dogs. You can see that the herd gathered at the fence pretty darn quick – especially when Kevin went out. He is one of their own and they’d be very quick to protect him. They certainly know how to place a kick!

That was a great way to wind up a Monday night! I’ll be dreaming of donkeys for sure.