Day: April 9, 2019


… snow showers, rain showers, sleet showers, hail showers …

Good lord we were in a strange place today! Glad our crew was all warm and dry!

And happy to hang out together. We had a little bright spot midday. The jennies all had a great game of chase down to the front paddock. Darby was even feeling frisky enough to try out the branches on the cedar trees. She had just finished watching MayMay and Dorothy figure out how to munch on the pine tree branches in the back paddock.

The weather brought on a flurry of babies down at Tryon’s farm. Last night three goat triplets were born. Today two more goats and two lambs. I learn so much from Cari. Thank goodness she is a nurse! She puts her skills to good use with her animals. Today she had to help both deliveries.

This is Cari above. From her I’ve learned how to help the newbies learn to latch on for their first feedings. I’ve learned to milk goats. I’ve learned the signs that say the babies are coming … and I’ve even learned just how long one usually has between those signs and when those little ones have to get out.

When I headed back down to the farm this afternoon it was snowing to beat the band!! This little sheep was NOT impressed! Nor were the donkeys!

This is Hanny and behind her is Jenny. They know that I put peanuts in my pockets especially for them when I come over. So they are ready to help me across that paddock any time! 😉

This little girl is one of the Boer triplets born last night. She is the smallest and has some learning to do about how to latch on … Hopefully she will improve over the next day or so.

And this little black lamb was one of twins – both of whom had a very difficult time being born. I helped pull this wee one out. Took both of Cari and I to get in there as his head kept turning back. Fingers crossed for him and his mom. A bit of a grunt day at the farm. It is nice to see the babies each spring – but it sure is a journey fraught with risks!

When I got home to my girls they were NOT impressed with the smell of me! Clothes are in the wash – soon to be tossed into the dryer – and likely worn for more action tomorrow.

I’m going to sleep well tonight!