Having the opportunity to help out at the Tryon farm in the spring time was a real bonus for me. I had the chance to bottle feed a few little goats over the years. The first, Little Grey, was a pygmy goat. He stayed with us for a little over a month. (I also had to learn to overcome the heartbreak of seeing an animal go back …!) He grew up to be such a social little thing. Another friend down the road – a goat whisperer herself – took Little Grey in. He is greatly loved and lives the life of a pet goat with a friendly herd around him. The next year we helped Chatty. She was a Boer goat. Chatty spent only a few days with us here but I spent the greater part of that spring visiting with her at the farm. I still see her when I’m down there. She is as chatty and friendly as when she was a little kid.

goatsIt was inevitable that I would begin to wish for a pair of goats to join us here at the Meadow. And last spring, when these two showed up at the farm I set my heart on making a home for them here. Meet Dorothy (Dottie) on the left and MayMay on the right. They were born in the spring of 2018. We have SOOOOO much fun with them. They have their own little paddock up in the rocky side of the woods. They spring and leap and race up and down and over the rocks. They have a climber up there that shields them from our prevailing winds and allows them to soak up winter sunshine. They have a covered fort (used to be the rooster run) and an insulated and heated sleeping quarters. But what they like best … is to be out and about with me and the jennies while we are doing the chores. We are putting up more fencing this month to allow them to be able to hang out anywhere in the other paddock areas with us all. I’m looking forward to that!