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The Blur That Is May

Whoops – a – daisy! Been away from my computer for a bit. My sister, Cindy, likes to make a spring pilgrimage to this end of Ontario where her siblings and best-chum live. Reminds me of when we grew up in Ottawa. When family would come we’d do all the touristy things in one weekend. This year we put together a few days of pedalling and paddling.

I had heard of this great trail on Wolfe Island that leads to a beautiful sandy beach. That was our first day’s adventure. We packed out bikes, rode the ferry and then took in the fields and birds of the island. The weather was perfect.

The beach vista took my breath away. Well worth the ride! I hope to return here some time this summer.

On our second day we paddled Clayton Lake. Maggie, second sister, lives in the village of Clayton. What a gem that place is! Maggie knew of a pair of eagles that nest on the lake. We decided to go in search of them.

They sure are a majestic bird. HUGE! They have built a nest in these pines and return each year. It looks like a human could easily sit up there. Judging by their behaviour I’d guess there are some eggs there now.

Back home we’ve continued the early morning grazing in the pasture. So far the donkeys all seem to be healthy and thriving on it. I do close it off in the afternoon when the sugar levels will be too high in the grasses.

Any of the flerd would be quick to tell you that the blackflies and mosquitoes chase them out of the pasture anyway. This morning was a nice windy start. That helps. Mostly these guys hide out in their barns for the afternoon. I hear them all at night – huffing and running in the paddocks. No bugs to worry about then!

Izzy (and Chewbawka) have convinced me to let them each hatch a few eggs. Haley (from down the road) brought over six bantam eggs. The plan is to let these two raise them free range. That is the plan. Do NOT be surprised if you read in a few weeks that “I” am carrying them around in my pockets. 😉

Another intervention was required to help Princess (Black Hen) out. She developed a saggy crop last summer. And this year it was getting even worse. It would be so full at night the weight of it could topple her off of her perch. The main difficulty was that the food was too low to pass through to the rest of her digestive system. So she could eat all day – and starve. I researched chicken bras – yep – that’s what they’re called. They cost a pretty penny. As I pondered that idea it occurred to me … they looked like a Covid mask worn upside down! It worked. I’ll need to give her rest periods and make sure there are not mites or dirt caught under it. She is pretty happy with the result. MUCH more comfortable!

Another success in the chicken run is the Grandpa’s Feeder. This treadle feeder has now been mastered by all of the flock. When they stand on the treadle it opens the lid to the feed tray. Finally I am not feeding the Grackles and Red-Winged Blackbirds our chicken feed! This gives the chickens an outside food source. Well … it is in their covered run. Each time I hear it ‘clack’ open it makes me smile!

I think that catches us up. I sure enjoyed adding cycling and paddling back into my week. Good thing the days are getting longer!