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Indoor Staff

There is no lack of critter family indoors in our home. This week’s distraction has been the plant basket at the study window. I filled it with sunflower seeds for the chickadees. Oz and Smokey finally noticed the traffic right there. 😉

Smokey has also noticed that the keys on the piano make noises when he walks on them. He has taken to watching while I play and then will suddenly pounce. Eventually I just gave him the keyboard … he walked up and down … laid down … pushed one black key over and over … and then fell asleep. Hmmm… ever seen those videos of a chicken playing piano? Wonder if a cat could…

That would require training … and so far the training seems to work the other way. THEY have trained ME to do all kinds of things. Like this … Oz has me trained to brush his coat every night before I head up to bed. Recently he has taught me to add another trick … if I lay down he gets onto my back and uses me as his personal heating pad. Ha! He sure is BIG!!! Many years ago I knew a cat named Sam. Sam was HUGE!! Very long – very smart – very attuned to humans. I think Ozzy gives him a run for his money in the size category!

So … yep … we’re basically nutty in this house.

Night all!

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