Day: April 2, 2019

Dancing Wood Sprites

… or Wood Sprite Wanna Be’s! Had a real chuckle watching MayMay and Dottie playing King of the Castle on the ‘Humpback Whale’ today. That is what I call this arching stretch of rock that creates such a great play area.

Playful little goats enchant the heck out of me. I settled myself down on my own rock and just watched and watched. The goats’ paddock has lots of rocks to climb and jump over. They have the look and attitude of snowboarders leaping into the air – spinning – twisting – even rolling sometimes – from the tip of one rock to the top of the next.
Then they race through the woods – legs sticking out in front of them like those paintings you see in magazines from ancient cave art.

I had the chance to visit with another of my goat friends. One of the original little Tryon babies that we helped look after here at our house. Do you remember Chatty? I think she was mostly a Facebook character. She has an injured hip and was laying in the sunshine out of the wind when I was checking on the herd this morning. (I drop down to their farm midday to be eyes for ‘Farmer Cari’. Then I message her with any news. Like yesterday’s wayward steer calf that had leaped over his fence line to taste goats’ new hay bale.)

Chatty was the last straw for my heart. She made me fall in love with the Boer goats. Which led to Dottie and MayMay (half Boer twins). She is still a very people oriented goat. I can recognize her chatter when I get out of my car in the laneway. A lovely little thing.

It was a lovely morning. The jennies and I had a lazy start to the day – I had to pause a lot while doing the manure pick up. There were countless spots to be scratched. 😉
And then Bella needing supervising while she climbed around on the large hay bag! It was a lovely, meandering, carefree day. Summed up perfectly by Smokey’s pose – spread out on the couch at my feet!

Have a great night out there everyone!