Day: April 15, 2019

Hold Onto Your Hat!

Woo-ee! We had a blistering wind here most of the day! And most of the night! I got up to check about three in the morning because the rain was so loud I figured it had to be something more than just a storm? It was throwing itself in sheets against the east side of our house. That made it easier to fall back asleep because I knew that all the critters would be warm and dry with it coming from that direction. I love the sound of pounding rain on the roof.

This morning I convinced Edie to come with me to the farm to feed the bottle babies. (That way I have some pictures for you!) As usual they rushed to our legs as soon as we entered their room. It is hard to get a good picture of them as one is solid black and the other spotted black.

I think you can get a glimpse of them in this shot. Their coats are nubby … When you stroke them they push up against you to stay steady on their long legs. They stick together and play with the other four little lambs. I do feel sorry for them as they do not have a mom in there … and the others are very wary of them trying to sneak a little bonus milk.

This second shot is a bit brighter. There are still a few more ewes expecting over these next few days. It sure was good they were all inside out of last night’s weather.

Back at our place the jennies were tucking themselves into the barns. Our donkeys really do not like strong winds. Probably if I had ears that size I wouldn’t like it either. 😉

Once the rain slowed down I headed out and let the goats join us for the clean up. As usual Darby and Rosie were right behind them – ears forward – checking them out. I did not have to scold MayMay at all today.

Even with Rosie right there beside her there was no fuss. The goats seem to really like the timothy hay. In this first year that they’ve been here with us I have been feeding them alfalfa hay. I found a local supplier that does it up in square bales. I filled up the lower hay barn with it and pack it into a bag each morning to put in the goat fort. Seems that lately they’ve been slowing down on eating that … and more keen on digging into the donkey’s hay. My understanding had been that alfalfa is much too rich in protein for the jennies. And that the goats needed the extra protein in the alfalfa. Hmmm … maybe that is like telling me that frozen yogurt is not meant to be a main staple in my diet.

Here is Bella … sadly looking in on her buddies (Darby and Rosie) chumming around with the ‘enemy’ (the goaties). When I headed down to the front paddock with a tractor load for the manure bin Bella stayed behind. It is rare for the donkeys to let the others move off without a fuss. Even though I called her (admittedly against the sound of the wind) she didn’t join us. When we got back to the barns later she came out with her mouth full – amazed that we’d been away. Ha!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s sunshine. And the temperatures will be going back up as the week progresses. Thought I’d share the lamb’s classy bottles with you. Cari noticed them when a friend came by this winter and stashed them away for lambing season. They are the perfect fit for the nipples. And stylish. 8)