Day: April 16, 2019

Face to the Sunshine

I love these kind of April days. When you stop and put your face to the sun it feels soooooooooo great! Above, Goldie, Rosie and I were all soaking it in. Goldie had decided it was his turn for grooming … Rosie was convinced it was her slot.

It was afternoon before I was able to get out to our paddocks for some visiting time. Turned out to be one of those lovely afternoons with no wind – lots of sun – few clouds – and all of the critters out and about together. Except for Ozzy and Smokey … who took up their posts at the kitchen windows to catch as much chipmunk action as they could. šŸ˜‰

Rosie noticed that something was a little off about the hay bag. Each day Dottie and MayMay seem to find another way to entertain themselves in the hay barn. Ha! Today Dot figured she’d just go ‘all in’!

It was also a lovely day down at Tryon’s farm. Chatty looked great today. She’s been nursing a sore leg but had got herself into the hay feeder. When she popped up for some good snuggles I could see she was bearing weight on her leg and seemed much more comfortable. The kids were all in the same stall with their moms and having a great time dancing and jumping and leaping around each other. I noticed the hint of a nose … just sliding ever so slowly in the back window … And there was Tessa – just making sure we were all okay! She is a wonderful help over there.

By later in the afternoon the back paddock was the place to be. I know for certain Darby is totally comfortable with her goat pals. She relaxed enough to just lay down and watch them roam around her.

Rosie staked out her spot … and Bella found hers in the shade. She has some good shelters to use in either paddock. Here she is tucked in against the windbreak from the back field. Above her is the big spruce tree. A favourite summer hang out.

I will admit that today I was being careful about my camera angles. This time of year the bare trees and brown ground somehow make MY sensibilities ZOOM IN on the parts of my landscape that I’d rather ignore. The playground at the fairgrounds next door seems to be closer (in an Alfred Hitchcock hallway kind of way) each day … our cars and tractor and outbuildings seem to be more crowded… I remind myself that when the greens start to open up and my flower pots get spread around and the trees fill out … things look much cozier and more private. I still harbour dreams of buying a farm on an isolated stretch of road with nothing but woods, rocks and lakes around me … and then I come to my senses about my age, my wonderful hay man, our amazing neighbours… and turn my face back to the sunshine.