Dropped down into Kingston today to pick up a floor mat for the coop. We are almost ready to move the keets in. A few more ‘holes’ to seal and we need to put up perches and nesting boxes … but then … it will be a go. I think Henrietta and the twins are ready to stretch their wings and have some flying space.

Rosie was in a frump today. Not sure if it is the coming new moon … or the cold … or her cycle. She would set herself up in a barn (could be either) and then guard the door and snap at the other two should they dare to try to come in. Good thing on days like these that there are TWO donkey shelters!

I did see her run once … she noticed Edie going by to use some tool in her work on the coop. Rosie ran to get there in time. Had to laugh when I saw her move right in and grab something Ede was about to use! I think we could almost use the sound of a power tool as a call to bring Rosie into the paddock!

It was chilly outside today! We were some glad to sit down to homemade chicken and rice soup and homemade warm apple pie.

3 comments on “Ch-ch-chilly!”

  1. Where does Rosies’ fascination with power tools come from, I wonder? Beautiful African Violet you have growing there in Canada 🙂 Laura

    1. I’m just starting to realize … African Violets … African Guinea Hens … Laura! We crazy Canucks are working hard on creating a little piece of warmth over here before the snow flies! Hey, do African Violets just grow in the wild where you are?

      1. African Violets, not so much, generally too hot. They are mostly house plants, needing lots of deep shade, water and pampering. You too will have to come check out the real thing for more ideas 🙂 Laura

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