Day: October 24, 2016

If You Can’t Stand the Heat

Oh my gosh!! I was reading a thread in another blog (a GREAT ONE – check out The Kitchens Garden) about how heat lamps can be so dangerous … Which got me checking a little more closely into how I was using ours with the keets. Good Grief! No wonder the rasp (did you know that is what you call a group of Guineas?) was cuddling in the far corner of their brooding box. They’d be roasted Guineas if they had stayed under the lamp. I have found them lying there … but mostly not. And when they did they stretched right out and lay on their sides. Now that I’ve got it raised above the screen top it is registering 30’C directly below. With these cold nights it cools off very quickly when away from the glow. Hopefully at this height they will be comfortable underneath it and it may be warmer in general in their box. Plus … we’ll all be safer!

Rosie did a great job of helping Ede with her work on the Guinea Coop. We had to laugh! We turned around and there she was – resting her head on the saw horse. When Ede needed to use it with a piece of wood she just slightly lifted her head and then rested it again – holding the wood in place. Even when Ede used the jigsaw she only reluctantly backed away about one foot! Check out the coop. That is the front door and wall and window. All painted … ready for the floor mat to fit in. We’re getting closer.

Mother Nature continued her fall special today. Blue skies and white puffy clouds make a great background for all of those leaves. I’d say about half are now on the ground. We have giant oak trees over the back paddock. Sometimes I look up and marvel at their beauty – always there – over our heads. I’ll miss those leaves when winter rolls in.

A few days of rain and lots of maple leaves turning golden and red inspired me to dabble in a little artwork. On the left my ink drawing … on the right my second attempt but with colour. Speaking of crazy lines … check out the squiggles on the big branch of the hickory tree that came down in the wind storm.
Love when I find these crazy designs in nature. I wonder what it is that makes these tunnels just under the bark? Are they there in healthy limbs too?

That will need to be a lesson for another day. We’ve run out of daylight! Hope you had a great day in your neck of the woods too! Hugs from the Meadow Mice and all the other critters.