Day: October 28, 2016

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Today I thought I’d give the jennies an ‘enrichment exercise’. They were captivated. We didn’t think Bella would ever leave the mirror face. She was totally absorbed with talking to that other black jenny. Darby was SMART. After carefully studying her image she left the Bully Barn and went to check out the other side of that wall – twice! Assuring herself that whatever it was it was not that kind of thing. Bella and Darby were so intent on playing with the mirror that they wouldn’t let Rosie anywhere near for her own try at it. Later on Rosie and I had a good look once it was fastened to the outside of the Condo door. We decided we couldn’t possibly leave it inside the barn. They were too distracted. We couldn’t imagine them turning their back on the mirror donkeys to eat. I’m very curious to see what level of interest they have in the morning.

PS. The mirror is now taped all around the edges with duct tape and then secured and framed with metal strapping so they can’t chew at it.
PS2. If you are getting this in an email there is a video that is available through the blog site.