Day: October 15, 2016

The Good Kind of Tired


We headed outside right after breakfast this morning. Except for a short break for lunch I’ve been out there all day. Just made it in in time for dinner. I’m still pinching myself to make sure this really is my life! Fresh fall air – windburned cheeks – and a well tired body just sinking into my chair.

Ede did a lot of work on the coop today. She set her sights on getting the electrical hook ups finished. I painted the back wall. Then we fit the heavy duty tarp in place to keep things dry during tomorrow’s rain. The jennies love it. Rosie keeps leaving manure piles in it to mark it as hers!

Last night I was surfing online to learn a little more about Guinea Hens. There are quite a few sites that show how to tame them and train them … Oh boy, here comes another training challenge. I would love to be able to have ours comfortable with people … Interesting. I picture the Guineas perched on the donkey’s backs as they stroll around the paddocks. Wonder if that is actually in our future?