Day: October 21, 2016

The Real Thing

The real thing … cold, wet, windy. Now THAT is fall. Leaves dropping everywhere. The sound of rain drumming on the roof. The steady drip of water from the eaves. Seems our fling with warm fall weather has taken its leave… perhaps?

I removed the wall feeders from the donkey barns this evening. The morning’s BIG serving of hay pretty much landed on the floors. So we’ve moved the bins back in. InĀ the bottom of those are clipped full hay bags. I was worried there wouldn’t be enough space with Bella so much bigger this fall … and then I remembered … there are only three donkeys this winter. Missing Paco…

With the drop in temperature tonight I switched out the 100 watt white light bulb with the heat lamp bulb. The keets are loving it. I’m glad I read that they have a tendency to stretch their feet out behind their bellies and lay on their sides … sometimes with wings spread. Chip assured me when I checked that she was fine. Just soaking in that warm red glow.

Everyone and everything is tucked in warm and cozy for the duration. At least another day of this driving rain to come. We’ve had more rain this week than we had through June – July – AugustĀ and September combined. Impressive!