Day: October 26, 2016

It’s a Coop Coup!

And … they’re in! Final touches were made to the coop this afternoon and by dinner time the keets were on the move. They could tell something had changed … when Henrietta spread her wings – poof! She was suddenly in a different world. She zoomed off behind me and then flew back to roost on the edge of the brooding box looking way down. It will be fun to start our ‘training’ and to have the chance to get more closely acquainted. Here goes!

Meanwhile … if you were a donkey it was the perfect day to soak up some sunshine while you slept in the sand. I love when I come across them sleeping like this. All three jennies love it if I sit down beside them and scratch their ears and necks. Then they lay their head down over my legs … and what do you know! I’m cuddling with a donkey!

I’m not the only one who thinks that is an amazing feat. This red squirrel lives in the log pile in the front paddock. Every day I see him popping in and out – collecting food for the winter. When he noticed me lying down with Darby he brought out a snack and sat and watched us until I moved. Isn’t it great when the neighbours count you as part of their entertainment? 😉