Day: October 1, 2016

A Little Rain

… might be on the way … here’s hoping! So this afternoon I packed the barn feeders with some fresh hay. Hopefully that will keep the jennies happily munching if they decide to stay indoors during tonight’s storm. We tried cutting the timothy hay bale with the small hedge cutter (a reciprocal cutting blade). I experimented yesterday with the weed whacker. It also did a great job. However, if it turns into something we do regularly the electric hedge trimmer is lighter and safer to store in the hay barn. If I do that then the hay is in much shorter strands. For some reason that leads to less waste. I think when the strands are long – they wrap almost all the way around the bale in one strand – the donkeys pull out the full length and then drop it on the ground. Too much wasted food! I sure took less to the compost bin these last few days! Happy October everyone.