He’s Back!


This morning Ede and I were working away at fixing a leaky hose … when I realized something was jumping up and down on my shoe! UP AND DOWN! I knelt down to find a chipmunk anxious to get our attention… He hopped right onto my hand and looked me right in the face as if to say … SEEDS! So I raided the bird feeder and held out my hand. As I reached out and began petting his back … it occurred to me … Hey! This was Spot!

Last summer Spot trained us all to cater to his every need. He would hop up onto our laps if we were sitting on the porch … He would follow us from when we stepped out of the car in the laneway. He would even come out into the paddock to beg for seeds. You can peek back at that adventure here.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’d say he hasn’t lost his touch!

6 comments on “He’s Back!”

  1. Wow! You have a cute little buddy there! Amazing that he made it through and is back. I never stopped to think about what a chipmunk’s life span might be. What a guy!

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