Day: May 25, 2017


When does something become a ‘tradition’? Oz came to live with us in January. And since he arrived he and I have played riotous games with a little furry creature on the end of a good thick rope attached to a wand. This toy came with Oz courtesy of his loving foster family (along with some other goodies – including his cat bed which he continues to kneed and love on each day). This little toy known as Furbie (to both Oz and I) is a must each morning after breakfast and each evening after dinner. Oz will patiently sit beside me on the kitchen floor while I do dishes. And then when he sees I am done the game is on. Sometimes he even drags the toy – with the wand and rope trailing out between his back legs – to bring it to me. Every day we find ourselves chuckling at his antics. His funny little pouncing moves … the way he hides behind a door frame and jumps almost to our shoulders as we walk through! … the way he sits holding Ede’s feet when we are eating at the kitchen table… the amazing ability he has for totally taking over formerly ‘cat free spaces’ – like Edie’s couch!

For 130 days – minus I would think perhaps 3 or 4 days that I might have been away – we have played our games with Furbie. We play at least twice a day … so that could be 126 x 2 which would be 252 times that we’ve played after breakfast and dinner. I’m thinking we are in close range to establishing a tradition! 😉