Day: May 15, 2017


Don’t worry … I don’t think I’ll need to tell you every day that the Guineas ‘go out’. Considering yesterday’s retreat I think it is newsworthy that they decided today to rejoin us in the outside world. I could see Miss Charlie eyeing the gate this morning. It was open. But she didn’t seem convinced of that. I piled some hay just outside their run and that was enough to somehow build a bridge.

They were off! I had to chuckle. They were keen on hanging about with me and the jennies. Darby and Bella will walk toward them to check them out … which doesn’t seem to deter them at all. They willy wag this way and that – sometimes away from the jennies – sometimes directly in a line for their noses. Eventually they figured out how to get out of the paddock and headed into the woods. Every now and again I would call out to them and they were come trotting back. Go figure! I wonder how long that will last? They do seem to like to keep an eye on where I am and scurry about within eyesight.

The neatest thing was that they found their way back to the run and their coop three times before calling it a day. One time I came down the hill to find Miss Charlie and Sir Henry dashing back and forth … and back and forth … on one side of the fencing and Chip and Beaker watching them from inside the run. Eventually the former decided to just go on out again and away they went – without giving Miss Charlie and Sir Henry a water break. Guess they’d better learn the ‘in’ trick!

The weather was the best for fighting the flies. Windy! And sunny and mild. For most of the time we worked with our faces to the northwest loving that those biters were not able to beat it. Rosie camped at that corner of the paddock to eat and then to lay down and soak up the day. As I’ve come in for dinner the wind is dying down some. The jennies have retreated to the barns and the fans.

For the Little Grey fans out there … he is enjoying his last week at the Tryon farm. I need to get down to get in a few cuddles before he is off to join Heidi’s herd of merry goats. There are still two hornless little female kids looking for a home. I think they are the prettiest of this last bunch – white fluffy little things with waves of brown and grey on their heads and legs. They really are delightful animals.