Month: June 2017

Moving On

I gathered up my heartstrings and put together a small book about the beginning of our adventures here at the Meadow. Paco – A Love Story. Big download but free if you’d like a good read. xoxo (It took three minutes to download on our high speed connection. It is 158 MB in size. You can read it using Adobe Reader.)

Well my fine animal chums out there I have come back around to reflecting on my adventures here in the blogosphere. I have had a wonderful time reflecting on our life here at The Meadow. I’ve learned a lot over these past five years about caring for donkeys – and being cared for by donkeys. I’ve ventured out into raising some poultry and valued the tips and comments friends from around the globe have passed along to help me out.

The adventure began when I became fast friends with my beautiful buddy Paco back in the winter of 2012. Rolled on into December of that year when we brought Darby home to keep him company. And then five months later found Rosie to bring her big heart to the equation.

Oh how I have loved and been loved by these critters! They continue to be one of the best parts of every day around here. Our adventures will continue. There is no sad news here that is propelling me to adjust my writing projects. I realize that I am ready for some writing work that will include my art projects and my reading and thinking and some deeper self reflection. That work is better suited to a more private platform.  I will continue to work on the blogs for our local organizations that I volunteer for but The Meadow blog and its people and creatures are going to draw to a close. I will still make myself a botheration at the Tryon Farm. You can picture us continuing our days hanging around the paddocks and the woods and enjoying our hermit ways.

I’d like to extend a special thank you to Laura from way over there in South Africa. It has been wonderful to share our adventures with you – and to imagine your opposite seasons unfolding halfway around the world. I’ll still watch for you in Celi’s lounge! I’ll continue to post lots of pictures and critter updates on my Facebook feed. Feel free to look me up there!

And to Nina – with her lovely herd of goats. I will be visiting your blog daily. Loving your beautiful photos and your stories about bringing up bottle babies and the regular kids too!

Also Kris, over at the Dancing Donkey, thank you for your support through my adoption of Paco, learning to do his hooves and through the years that different donkey care questions came up. Thank you too Kris for your beautiful blog!

I hope your days going forward are filled with the wonder of the critters and the plants and the rocks and even the dirt of the little kingdom you inhabit in your tiny part of the world. For me the Meadow View blog prompted me daily to celebrate those wonders. I will take that forward with me always!