Month: April 2017

Full Court Press

See those leaves budding out? And those dog toothed violets blooming? That means theĀ bugs … are … coming!
April 290076

The jennies can certainly attest to that! It is not too bad yet. So we kept up our wild attempt to get all the spring jobs done ASAP.
April 290069
I was happy to find all three jennies resting in the Bully Barn behind the sheets. The breeze was blowing through and the bugs had not figured out where they were.

Sometimes you could see more than just a pair of legs. Darby quite likes the ‘scarf look’.

The shelter work is almost completed. This afternoon Ede put up the wind barrier on the southeast side of the new one. It has become her habit to use ‘Red’ (our car a.k.a. ‘our farm truck’) to carry her tools and supplies down to the front paddock. It looked like quite the happening place with both the Bully and Red parked there.
April 290077
Have a great Saturday night everyone!