Day: May 18, 2017

Under Cover

We thick skinned cold blooded Canadians (or maybe Meadowites) take some time to adjust to summer temperatures. That is why there is SPRING! Summer decided to pay a short visit for the last two days. Well before its due date. That takes a lot of adjustments!

Even while we were eating breakfast we noticed one of the young black squirrels was already seeking out the shade … and stretching out looooonnnnngggg on the grass to steal some of the coolness from the ground. The jennies had decided to call it a day and were all laying down in the barns ready to snooze the morning away. We had some errands to run and so left everyone in their shady retreats.

One of our stops included a nursery – time to bring out the container garden on the front porch! Although I will plant marigold seeds in the garden I rarely resist picking up some ‘ready grown’ ones to kick the season off. My other favourite of the season are the white and pink fuscia. And my third other favourite … 😉 … are morning glories. I’ve picked up some seeds and I think it is safe for me to plant them tomorrow too. By the time they start to bloom here it is the end of the summer!

I finished off the day in the barns with the jennies – brushing and soothing their frustrations with the bugs and the heat. They’ll be out and about a few hours after dark. Last night I was up around 3 am and took the time to crouch at the window – listening to the peepers and the jennies in the front paddock. Too bad I am not a night person. I would love to rearrange my schedule so that I could spend an hour or so out with them under the moon … Hmmm … speaking of rearranging schedules… We’ve decided that the Guineas had best spend the holiday weekend in their run. There just is so much traffic with people coming and going to cottages and lakes … We’ll take another stab at learning to stay off the road on the other side of all the busy-ness.