Cloudy Respite

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I know apologies would be due to those who only have Saturdays and Sundays off … but the jennies and I have been enjoying this cloudy day. It is cooler. There are hardly any deer flies about. And photos seem to have so much better contrast on a day like today. I was up LATE LATE LATE last night – cheering for the Cleveland Cavaliers. SUCH a good game between them and the Golden State Warriors. I’m not much of a night hawk though. I was dragging myself around this morning!

I am sure missing Paco today. I think the jennies are too. It is hard not to be able to tell them that I miss him too. It will be a long time before my glances through the paddock or the woods stop counting three … and one gone. I know he was with us for some great years, and I know I was fortunate to have met him the way I did and to have him join us when I retired. All that is so … sigh


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