Day: June 23, 2016

Our Continuing Education

If I were to list the number of things we had NO CLUE about when we first adopted the donkeys … we’d be here ’til Sunday. Sometimes those little things catch up with us. Like last night. I was working in the front paddock when I turned to see Bella scoop the bottom of the fence row up to practically step out into the ditch for some tall greens. What?! That meant that today we almost doubled the t-posts, put them on the proper side of the fencing and wired them securely in place. I almost felt sorry for her when I watched her try out her favourite snack stops tonight … with no luck.

James was working at the kitchen table and happened to glance out as I was leaning way too far out of the Bully’s ‘truck bed’ to slam the post pounder onto our fourth post. We were just about to move the Bully into a better position when his face popped out of the bushes to tentatively ask, “Do you guys need some help?” We assured him that we were fine and he disappeared. A few minutes later he popped up again, “No, really, do you need some help?” Another set of arms are always a bonus! It wasn’t until dinner that I realized after the first query he had gone back in to get his camera! After taking a few shots he didn’t feel he could just turn around and leave. Ha!