Day: June 19, 2016

Rather Odd

It’s been a rather odd day around here … a reverse of a bleak February polar plunge. I found myself stumbling back to the house around noon because I’d let heat exhaustion sneak up on me. One minute I was heaving a hale bale around … and the next I was feeling absolutely awful. I managed to get myself to the house before I fainted but landed rather dramatically on the front room floor! Many glasses of water and juice later and a cool shower and lay down I started to get my bearings. I’ve never had that hit me so suddenly. A little reminder that I’m not … 25? … any more! The donkeys have continued to spend the middle of the day in their barns – dodging the flies – not the sun. I think they’d actually enjoy this heat if they only could rid themselves of those darn biters. When I did get back out this evening I tossed as much hay ‘onto’ the Bully as I could and cleared up the paddocks. Then we spent the evening near cooling fans enjoying the company of Kate who is home for a few days. Very fitting that tomorrow will be the longest day of the year … and perhaps the hottest too!

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