February Rains

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Feb 3006
As I’m backing up to the hay barn Rosie is coaching me … “Little bit more … little bit more… There. NOW can I have my treat?” Ha!
Feb 3008
The thaw continued today. Between bouts of pouring rain overnight and showers this morning even the north side of the woods is almost bare of snow. Darby and Bella are especially fond of searching out goodies in the leaf cover.
Feb 3009
Seemed I had help no matter which way I turned. Darby emptied out the glove compartment in the Bully … just to make sure that no squirrel has started to hide acorns in there. What a help!
Feb 3007
Although we started out with some free grazing in the hay barn at the front paddock …

Feb 3004
I’ve learned the herd is just as happy – or even more so – to be able to eat from their hay bags. The gravel ‘fix up’ of this paddock last summer has really paid off. The water runs from the east to the west and drains off to the ditch that sends it across the road to the hay field.
Feb 3005
When it starts to rain heavily though – the back barns are the favourite escape. Rosie has a theory that wood chips will dry off your coat …
Feb 3001
I think I tend to side with Paco. He figures that staying out of the rain is the key! 😉
Feb 3003
Hope you are snug and warm in your neck of the woods!

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