Day: February 11, 2016

How to stay warm on a really cold day …

Feb 11001
… just follow the sun!
Feb 11002
Meanwhile Donkey Momma’s Stay Warm Checklist reads:
1. Plow Paddocks – check
1b. Scratch Rosie
2. Plow Bully Road – check
2b. Cuddle with Bella
3. Plow Manure Bin Laneway – check
3b. Hug Paco
4. Plow House Laneway – sort of check …
4b. Negotiate with Darby
5. Build up hay bed in south paddock – check
5b. Scratch Rosie
6. Build up free grazing hay pile under tree in northern paddock – check
6b. Warm up Bella’s ears
7. Fill hay bags with green fresh hay for barns tonight in FREEZING wind – check
7b. Give Paco apple treat in secret
8. Fill hay bags with green fresh hay for early tomorrow morning – check
8b. Give Darby apple treat for being so helpful
9. Scoop up manure in both paddocks and deliver to compost bin – check
9b. Say g’night all!