Day: February 12, 2016

All Prepared …

We stocked up on good fresh hay – had healthy helpings of carrots and grain …
Feb 121
The runways are plowed. The hay bags are packed for tomorrow morning.
Feb 122
Darby herded everyone up the hill when the sun went down.
Feb 123
Rosie managed to ‘hide out’ so she could wait for me to walk with her.
Feb 124
And then everyone was tucked into the barns with hay bedding packed in up to their knees and bags of fresh soft green hay available for dessert throughout the night. Hope that keeps everyone warm! Here comes a polar vortex. First one of the winter. Can’t complain after the last two years of polar vortexes one after the other … after the other. Sleep tight!

PS There is a video clip at the start of this post. For email followers you’ll need to click on the title to see it play out on our blog. Special hello to Laura in South Africa! Another snowy COLD day here in Canada!