Day: February 23, 2016

Red Sky at Night

Feb 232
I decided to take a little poll of the residents of ‘The Meadow’. Once again we’ve been watching our weather forecast … and wishing wishing wishing away the storm that is steering right for our area.
Darby: Bring it on! I’ll just keep the Bully Barn to myself and hunker down with all the hay bags you can fit in there with me. Do you know you spoil us when the weather is bad? So… ya … I don’t mind at all. Just don’t make me share when you’re not around!
Feb 231
Rosie: Hmmm… another storm. With snow? Did you say with snow? ‘Cause I really don’t like that snow. It gets all caked on my back. All over my back … No … if you could just change that to something else that would be better. See, Darby kicks me out of the barn when you go away. So then I tuck myself in beside the Bully. But she decides that must be a better spot. Then I go stand in the Condo with Paco and Bella. And Darby … well … she just follows me there too. Then everyone has to get out … and it all starts all over again. Well, maybe you could let it snow. And I could just come into YOUR barn with you at night. It looks big enough. I’ll even climb the stairs if you want me to.
Feb 235
Paco: Oh bother … really? Another storm? I thought we passed that part of the winter. Okay … just put two hay bags in the Condo for Bella and I. She doesn’t take up so much room and she is easy to hang out with. Maybe you’d want to put an apple treat or two in your pocket and bring them out when it is dark. You know … as a treat. Just because you love us.
Feb 233
Teddy: Oh crikey … does that mean you’ll be outside all day plowing? Can you leave your password for your computer then. ‘Cause when you go out I can’t watch what’s happening on Facebook. And maybe you could move Rufus’s chair a little farther away from the desk. I think I’m going to trade in my chair for this smooth cool desktop. I’ll protect your keyboard and keep an eye out for that mouse …
Feb 234
Chickadee: Hmmm… see that sky. Red sky at night … Doesn’t that mean that tomorrow should magically turn into a fair weather day? Here’s hoping!