Day: February 17, 2016

Storm Stupid …

Once I was hiking in the Adirondacks with a friend and we miscalculated the amount of trail to cover and water to carry. I remember the last few kilometers I felt like I was goofy, loopy and discombobulated … punch drunk because I was dehydrated.
Feb 173
That pretty much sums up my state today! Not dehydrated … just goofy, loopy and discombobulated! That was one &^%$% of a snowfall to try to move around here. My mental fugue led to a real wacko error…
Feb 172
Thank goodness Edie is a kind, patient, caring and understanding person!  In the thick of the rush around yesterday morning we decided to split up the animal chores. She took on the bird feeders and I stuck to the paddock. Before we went out we filled up seed bins, donkey breakfast dishes … and … water buckets.
Feb 171
Well … I started to fill up the water buckets. We have a hose that ends at the top of the basement stairs. We have two buckets hanging on hooks there. I set them on the top landing and fill them inside. Then we carry them to the heated buckets in the paddock. That is a very important job to both start AND finish!  As I was pushing mountains of snow through the side gate into the donkey garden  out of the basement stairs lurched Edie with the shop vac bucket seesawing in front of her … Strange … until she called out, “You left the hose on in the water bucket …” Oh yikes! I think it likely ran for a good half hour!!! It takes about 2 minutes to fill one bucket … and about thirty to create a river in the basement. A river that starts on the stoop – runs over and down through our hanging pants, hats, mitts and onto the changing bench, along to the big long mat past the furnace and snakes into the ping pong ‘room’.

So today … I decided to take Paco and Rosie’s advice. Today I moved slowly. Tomorrow we’re going to hunker down and soak up the sunshine while sleeping on a couch every non-working hour we have available. I’m needing a tank up! Goodbye discombobulation – I hope! 😉