High Alert


We’ve got our feet up to the fire and we’re switching between the Raptors game and the Grey Cup – and up comes the ‘Nest’ commercial. Have you seen that system yet? The video surveillance system that you can check in on through any internet connection? We get laughing about how ridiculous that would have been for me when I was teaching. I would have been constantly checking in on what the herd was up to. And poor Ede would have been receiving phone calls whenever I’d be worried about what was going on!
We do have a similar system that feeds to a monitor on our kitchen table. A ‘nanny cam’ for the barns and the back paddock. We only have one window facing that direction (north). I’m compulsive enough checking on everyone when I can’t see them out front!
The donkeys are a surveillance system all on their own. They are super alert to what goes on in their neighbourhood. Our local Recreation Committee uses the ‘little house’ on the east side of our property. It is next door to the ball diamond and fair grounds and is a good location for them to store their equipment.
Today when I was working in the front paddock the Howes family pulled in. They’d been in the village for church and were picking up a few things to work on the Rec Committee’s float for next weekend’s Santa Claus parade. Darby and Bella were fascinated that someone actually went into the little house. They stood at the fence with their antennae ears on full alert trying to imagine what could possibly be in there … I think they were picturing bins full of treats – like they know are in the garage behind our house! We got laughing at how determined Bella was to check out Tangie’s sweater pockets. I swear that little black donkey had a gleam in her eye!
All her charm could not turn the bin of decorations into donkey treats. She was some funny – tossing her head – prancing around – inviting Tangie to come on in and run with her. Fun to see her being so curious and social. I love the spirit of our little donkeys!

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