Day: November 20, 2015

Darby Antics

Nov 20003
It’s been a relaxing day around here. I love a day that includes lots of time for donkey choresĀ and donkey cuddles.
Nov 20001
We had a great laugh this afternoon watching Darby and Bella playing with the toys in the front paddock. Bella had decided she wanted the hula hoop … and Darby decidedĀ she owned it. Darb managed to hook the hoop right out of Bella’s jaws and looped it over her head and wore it hanging off of her neck and shoulders. Prancing around the paddock – trying to impress a cyclist who was going past – she bounced the hula hoop off her knees as she high stepped it just out of Bella’s reach. As soon as Bella lost interest Darby dipped her head and dropped it onto the ground. Ha!
Nov 20002
The trees are all bare now – and the air today had that expectant tang in it. Hmmm… I’d be betting on a snow flurry or two in the offing someday soon. In the meantime it has been perfect weather for doing some house cleaning in the paddock barns!