Day: November 15, 2015

That Paco Magic

That Paco Magic001We’re having another magical mild November Sunday. So great for everyone in the workaday world. Good for donkeys with aches and pains too.
That Paco Magic002Paco is having a good day. He is digging into the new hay bale and able to chew away for hours. He still has his big protruding cheek – which protrudes more when it is full of stuck food … But he seems to be able to move his tongue around or scratch his cheek on his leg enough to clear it out on his own.
That Paco Magic003My pal is a loving, cuddly beastie with family (four and two legged) … but he still has his ‘feral side’ for strangers and anyone carrying medical supplies. We’re not going to put him through any more procedures or courses of antibiotics or shots of salt water rinse.
That Paco Magic004He’ll manage the best he can for as long as he can. And then, and only then, will I drag my heart and mind back into the mean and narrow straits that lead to the hard choices about how best to make him comfortable.
That Paco Magic005In the meantime – the sun shines through occasionally – the jennies have games to play – the air is fresh – there are no bugs – and the sandy knoll is a soft and cozy spot to roll and snooze on.

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