Day: November 30, 2015

What was I looking at … zzzzz …

Nov 30015

This afternoon, as I was shoveling manure into our compost bin, I heard the loudestĀ snore coming from just outside the wall… Sure enough, when I peeked around the corner, I found my donk-a-lonk buddies had all snuck down the hillside to join me.
Nov 30018
For some reason or other the world on the compost bin side of the fence has become enchanting to the herd this past week. Yesterday’s curiosity was the arrival of the Howes family to the Rec House. Today, everyone wanted to see inside the compost bin when I opened the doors.
Nov 30014
It didn’t take long though for the attention to shift to the sunshine and the perfect spot for a snooze. When I got back into the paddock it was delightful to bury my hands in some hot sun warmed fur coats!