Day: November 9, 2015

THAT Friend

THAT Friend002We all have one. That friend in whose company you dare to do the most outrageous things. You know who you are … Mary! 😉 No words required – just a quick glance – and you both are into devilry you know is headed to no good.
THAT Friend003
For Rosie, that friend is Darby. And their favourite place to get up to ‘no good’ is trying to demolish the Bully (our four wheeler / jeep). Today’s target – the seat cushion. Seems it tastes very, VERY good.
THAT Friend004And … even more convenient on a sunny fall day …
THAT Friend005It is the perfect head rest should you want to sleep standing up. Rosie stood like this for a good five minutes. Just lolling her head on the seat – rolling her eyes to watch me do my chores – checking to see if I was going to scold her the way I did Darby for pulling my hat (aka sponge holder) off the seat back.
THAT Friend001When I did end up scooting them both out of the way they cozied up to share back scratches and revel in their success at getting my attention. This is their version of a high five. 😉

P.S. Thanks for all of your kind words and thoughts for Paco and I. He had another good day today. Sunshine, warmth, and soft easy hay to munch on. He does seem to be managing – and I’m OH SO HAPPY to celebrate each extra day (dare I say month … year?) that we get to share.