Golden Day

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Golden Day003What a treasure of a day! I haven’t heard yet if we’ve made any new weather records. I sure could believe it if we did. The sunshine was well appreciated.
Golden Day001Our two little ‘guest kittens’ left today for their forever home – TOGETHER!! I am so happy and so relieved! We had a bit of an exciting chase through the garage. I’d say ‘around’ … but no … it was mostly through. Through and behind all the good hiding sites. LB was being so brave. Trying to stay out of my way. But quite perturbed when she realized that, yes, I was trying to catch her. However, we had both of them closed up in their sleeping carrier in much less time than I had anticipated.
Golden Day002I’ve heard back from their new home. They had a successful stop at the vet and got the full treatment. They are now curled up together on a fluffy bed inside in warm quarters. That will bring a smile to my face tonight when it gets c-c-c-c-cold. And especially tomorrow night when it starts to rain.
Golden Day004The donkeys and I celebrated with some rays and some relaxation on the knoll. Happy mid-November everybody!

Meadow Hugs

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