Cold Prickly vs Warm Fuzzy


Cold Pricklyjan 3 001Tomorrow is the full moon in our neck of the woods. You might wonder … why does she keep track of the moons like that? Or … even how does she keep track of the moons like that? Some people might notice by looking at their calendars. We just need to keep an eye on Darby. Her cycle follows the full moons.
Cold Pricklyjan 3 002Normally all four of our donkeys are warm fuzzy critters. However, Darby was in one nasty mood this morning! Every time we turned around she was chasing the others out of the Bully barn and baring her teeth should they dare to turn back. She has this uncanny signal she uses. I think you could say that it literally means ‘bite me!’ If putting her ears back and squinting her eyes doesn’t work she quickly nips her hip (either side will work). When any of the others see that signal – they run! I do think it is quite generous of Darby to take her first ‘bite’ out of her own hip.
Cold Pricklyjan 3 003If she notices either Ede or I are watching her she hangs her head like she knows we will chastise her. I can talk to her and calmly smooth her face and nose and she calms down some. But Darby is certainly a donkey who can hold a grudge and maintain a ‘mood’ for days. This round of crankiness started yesterday. I noticed Bella was the only one who was ignoring her nips and ears. Bella even started to drop her head and butt Darby and then reared up to nip her shoulders and neck – all while the three of us were in the Bully barn. If anyone can bring her out of her funk it is her little pal, Bella.
Cold Pricklyjan 3 005I think the sexual politics are becoming a tad more interesting as Paco is becoming less and less interested in helping out. 😉 I noticed Darby standing at the fence line for a long while this morning – watching the llamas and sheep about a kilometre away. I know she can hear them and even see them now that the trees have lost their leaves. I think she was dreaming of a donkey Casanova …
Cold Pricklyjan 3 008So while the storm is brewing here you’ll find three donkeys in one barn (which ever barn DOES NOT house Darby) … and one sad, cold, prickly Darby standing her solitary ground in the other.

2 comments on “Cold Prickly vs Warm Fuzzy”

  1. My Emma used to have a really hard time with her heat cycles, including colicky behavior and extreme grumpiness. I put her on chaste tree berry powder and it helped IMMENSELY. I’ve used it with a number of other horses as well and had a lot of success with it. It is cheap, easy to feed and has no negative side effects. it might really help Darby. If you want some more info about where to get it and how to use it, get in touch. My email is aerissana@gmail dot com.

    Happy New Year!

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