The Meadow View Review 2014


Happy New Year everyone! If you are getting this post via email you’ll need to click on the title to see the video. It’s been a great year – we survived the polar vortexes of the winter – added a new paddock to the donkey habitat – loved Gramma Camps (winter and summer versions) – hosted lots of family over the summer – and I learned that the fall is a BEAUTIFUL time to be free and outside for as many hours as possible. Grab a cup of tea and lounge in a comfy chair. Salute to you 2014!

2 comments on “The Meadow View Review 2014”

  1. Hi Ede and Wen,
    Happy New Year.
    I always feel like a voyeur watching and reading, but never commenting.
    Shelley and I just watched the video – funny that we are not far apart, but see each other so little, but then a video can bring you close to us again.
    We hope that all is well,
    Someday we will pull ourselves away from basketball courts to see you in person.
    The city mice

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