Day: January 7, 2015


Brrrrrjan7 pm 001We KNOW it is cold when we are able to deliver ‘breakfast’ IN the barns. None of the quartet even budged an inch when they saw Ede and I walk out with the carrot bowls this morning. Darby and Rosie ate their servings with nary a glance at each other.
Brrrrrjan7 pm 002Normally – out in the paddock – there is a lot of head wagging and ear signals between the two of them – a LOT of ‘Keep your face out of my bowl’ going down. No one wanted to be kicked out into the cold! Our temperatures were at -37’C with the wind chill. Ouch!
Brrrrrjan7 pm 003While I hung out with the jennies Ede was supervising the Bella / Paco meal in the Condo. They didn’t give each other any grief either.
Brrrrrjan7 pm 006By this afternoon the four of them had been in the barns all night and all day … I went out with a little treat and lots of scratching time around three o’clock. They seem to realize that having all four of them in a barn is much warmer than even two of them. So they spent a lot of time moving from barn to barn as a whole group. However, Paco does manage to squeeze in a little respite from the girls. 😉
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI ended the afternoon listening to ‘As It Happens’ while toasty and warm by the window. There is also a furnace vent right under my feet. Still enjoying the great heat from our new furnace! On the other side of the study you would find Ede and Teddy basking in the air flow from the vent under Ede’s desk. All animals – two and four legged – have found ways to stay warm in this neck of the woods. Hope you are managing too!